Sell Your Car San Diego is a very quick, easy, and most importantly, convenient way to convert your old used vehicle into cold hard cash. It does not matter that it has been an eyesore sitting in your driveway for months, we want to buy your car.

The first car you ever bought as a teenager which is now more of an embarrassment than a matter of pride? We want to buy that car.

And we specialize in making it as simple as we possibly can for you to unload that piece of junk and get money in your pocket.

Sell Your Car San Diego has been a trusted buyer of used vehicles for many years in the San Diego area, and has built up a great reputation in the community.

What makes our business successful and unique is that we cater to your needs. Whether you are at home, or the office, we will come straight to you. Instead of spending hours on the phone or standing in a line, we always put the needs of our customers first.

Selling a broken down old car can be very tedious work. Many worry about getting their old cars inspected, or feel like they have to improve the cosmetic appearance of their old car. We are not interested in how ancient your old car looks.

Sell Your Car San Diego is not looking to buy your pretty car. Simply put, we're looking to buy that vehicle that you refuse to repair for the last time. We want to purchase the embarrassing hunk of metal that has been parked behind your garage for longer than your mother- in law cares to remind you of. We want to help you get rid of it, and it is as simple as making a phone call or emailing us. We will buy almost any make or model car regardless of its condition, often for cash the very same day.

For many years Sell your Car San Diego has been helping frustrated car owners get rid of vehicles that were thought to be unsaleable. We also wanted this process to be as simple and streamlined as possible.

Putting our customers' needs first has allowed us to grow for decades, and we have thousands of grateful customers as a result. Let us come to you, wherever you are, and we will gladly buy the car you thought you could never sell.